More Than Just A Candle

Candle Capsule is not your traditional candle! It’s much more than beautiful designs and great looking centerpieces, it’s a secret hiding place for any of your valuables that hides them in plain sight! From your keys to your jewelry, or anything you don’t want people to find, your Candle Capsule will allow you to hide them where nobody would think to ever look!

Using Flame Or Flameless Tea-lights Gives This Candle Unlimited Hours Of Usage!
Use the LEDs inside the translucent capsule to create a gorgeous glow!
This Patented Handmade Wax Candleholder With Removal Bottom To Hide Your Valuables, Keys, Or Decorative Lighting!

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A Unique Gift For Any Occasion

It’s not only a fun way to stash your precious items; it’s a unique way to give a gift for any occasion. Imagine giving someone special a beautiful candle and having them open the secret compartment to find an engagement ring, concert tickets, cash, or anything you care to include. It’s great for your own use as well as birthdays, graduation, engagements, or any other special occasion.

Who Would Ever Think To Look Inside A Beautiful And Functional Candle?